Mary Tracy Suite
Fireplace, Private Bath, Separate Sitting Room, Private Balcony
Photos of this suite are shown on the left.

Mary Tracy was E.J. Roberts' wife.

In Victorian times man and wife had separate rooms, and this was Mary Tracy's room. The suite includes an adjoining room, originally serving as a nursery, with its own door to the hallway. It now serves as a sitting room.

These two rooms were divided by a curtain, enabling Mrs. Roberts to ring a bell to summon the nurse who entered the nursery to take the crying baby away while Mrs. Roberts maintained her privacy behind the curtain.

Mrs. Roberts was known to set high standards for the staff, often bouncing quarters on the beds to insure the beds were made tight enough.

This suite boasts the original master bath as featured on the cover of Victorian Home Magazine. This exquisite suite also enjoys a bay window, another large window with expansive stained glass, an ornate fireplace, and the original balcony with views of Browne's Addition.
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